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The course raises awareness about threats and countermeasures, addressing company's cyber security management system by encouraging the crew’s good cyber hygiene. The course explains in simple steps how and where cyber-attacks may target not only company's IT infrastructure, but also the embedded software in assorted operational technology systems on board.

Training covers the characteristics of hydrogen sulfide gas and the potential physiological effects of exposure as well as the use of H2S detection equipment and escape breathing apparatus.

The Resilience Programme focused on the enhancement of workplace wellbeing and business performance through improving personal and team resilience, rather than managing stress. Each section explores a different natural capacity to deal with life’s challenges – both in and outside of work.

This course is designed to deliver the correct way to complete Oil Record Book entries for Machinery Space Operations (Part 1) in accordance with Marpol 73/78 and IMO requirements. As the incompliance with the standards might inflict serious penalties from the Port State Control and other authorities, the Oil Record Book training is particularly useful for Senior Officers.

The aim of this module is to introduce the US Vessel General Permit (VGP) and to explain which onboard operations may need to be reorganized to comply with it. The module will provide Senior Officers with a full understanding of what the VGP aims to achieve as well as explaining the layout of the VGP and the requirements that the VGP places on shipping.